Uchino Towels

Uchino-Japanese Pattern_07_Shark.jpg

Uchino, a Japanese brand has been around since 1937 and in 1956 they were the first to introduce the printed towel in the WORLD! We all know how I feel about that. Pictured above is from their new Zero Twist collection, the print is called Shark. These towels are the perfect gift for your spa loving friends. Happy gift giving! 

Home Essentials

Clockwise from top left: Mid-Century Table Lamp/West Elm; You Can Print/West Elm; Tufted Wingback Chair/Anthropologie; Sea Scribble Coaster/LEIF

After recently moving into Andy's one-bedroom apartment and placing most of my belonging into storage it got me thinking about essentials for the home. What is really necessary? Over the past 13 months I've really downsized and learned how to make small spaces feel cozy and not cluttered. Trust me it can be a challenge. There are four items that are key to making a small space (or any space) feel unique and styled.  1) A Lamp that is colorful, has a great big shade or made from wacky material can really transform a room. You can also use the lamp as a starting point for decorating a space. 2) Art speaks of ones personality helping to give the space character and feeling like your own. With artwork you can go in so many directions and should not be limited to just a painting or photo hanging on the wall. Get creative and play with size and shape. 3) A Chair is one of those pieces of furniture that can last for decades and can always look different in a new room. If the chair is simple or fancy you can restyle it with the touch of printed pillows. The chair too can be a starting point for decorating a space and can be statement piece. 4) Coasters are maybe not essential, but they can a little flair to a table or nightstand. Best to get coasters that are not your typical solid coaster, the ones above also act as decoration. Not too mention helps keep those water rings off our furniture. I'm loving the items above for their colors, materials, prints and shapes. They would also work in various rooms making them all keepers. #TGIF 

BISAZZA + Pucci = Magic

BISAZZA and Emilio Pucci have partnered up to create a visually stunning collection in mosaic arts. Both brands are well known for their use of patterns, color choices and skilled craftsmanship. Three digital created patterns - Amelie, Alba and Onde will be part of this collection. Amelie and Alba were created in 2006 while Onde is based on the designs for a scarf published in 1969. The collection will also include three handmade decorative mosaic panels using the traditional opus tessellatum technique. Each panel will be based on a historical print of the maison Emilio Pucci: Collane {1971}, Fontana {1968} and Vivara {1976}. These beautiful mosaic panels were designed with the intention of decorating a variety of interiors. The two Italian brands showcased the collection at Salone del Mobile di Milano

Surf's Up

Mulholland Surfboard 

Handcrafted using rich woods such as  Walnut, Cherry, Kora, Ash, Thermowood Ash, Russian Birch Plywood, Douglas Fir, Wenge, White Oak, and South American. The boards design mimics the famous winding road known as Mulholland Drive in Southern California. The pattern and rich woods makes this surfboard irresistible to the eye. Check out this board and two other versions on Kelly Wearstler's website here.