Bäco Mercat

Earlier in the week I was introduced to chef Josef Centeno on a photo shoot whom invited us to one of his restaurants, Bäco Mercat. I was intrigued by Centeno and his humble attitude for owning three successful restaurants in downtown Los Angeles. Andy and I decided to take the metro from Hollywood to downtown for lunch. We arrived and were surprised to see how packed the restaurant was on Saturday. After talking with Centeno and reading about his restaurants I knew what to expect, but for Andy whom is not an adventurous eater was in for a surprise. Bäco is the signature flatbread sandwich created by Centeno that gets better with every bite. I decided to go with the "el pollo' and Andy went with "the toron" with oxtail hash, cheddar tater and horseradish-yogurt. The chef knew we were coming in so he started sending out dishes he thought we would love. Crispy sunchokes, “caesar” brussels sprouts, mimosa with orange-vanilla shrub and the most amazing caramel upside down cake I've ever tasted. The food was bursting with flavor and extremely fresh. Andy is not one for brussels sprouts and he was practically licking the bowl clean. I cannot say enough good things about the chef and his creations. Bar Ama and Orsa & Winston are Centeno's other restaurants which are located just around the corner from Bäco Mercat. Be sure to check all three out.