I was lucky enough to spend the holidays overseas in England (pics to come) and Paris. Spending New Years Eve and my 30th birthday in Paris was a dream come true. Being there with someone you love during the holidays is extremely romantic. Sharing these types of moments with your best friend is what life is all about. When I was 16 years old my school took us on a trip to Europe and Paris was one of the stops. My experience was not the best and I never really had much interest in going back. This time around I am happy to say it might be one of my favorite cities in the world. The people could not have been any nicer. We were lucky enough to stay in Le Marais, thanks to Time & Place. Staying at hotels is amazing, but staying in an apartment is a completely different experience. An amazing one. Le Marais has wonderful bistros on every corner and lots of wonderful chic boutiques. For my birthday we had dinner at the top of the Centre Pompidu. So romantic with long stemmed roses everywhere and a view of the city. Can you say fairy tale? I highly suggest putting Paris on your bucket list and if you have been go back and try a different neighborhood. "When good Americans die, they go to Paris." - Oscar Wilde. 

Picnic + Movie

1. Striped Beach Towel, Calypso 

2. Rose, Zull Wines  

3. Insulated Bottle, Marimekko

4. Confetti Dot Teaspoon Set, LEIF

Going to the movies in the park during the summer is a true delight. Packing a picnic filled with your favorite treats and good wine makes it that much more enjoyable. These are a few of my go tos for movie night in the park. Have a lovely weekend.  

A Refining Vision

Isoline Blanket 

Isoline Wrap Cardigan 

Carrying Case 

Emily Diamandis who is head of sweaters at rag and bone launched Tabula Rasa in 2013. Diamandis combined her extensive knit expertise, love of interior spaces, travel, and found objects to create Tabula Rasa. "No place should be a barrier to style, and you should never travel without yourself." Which design would you choose for your home or around your shoulders at Coachella?