BISAZZA + Pucci = Magic

BISAZZA and Emilio Pucci have partnered up to create a visually stunning collection in mosaic arts. Both brands are well known for their use of patterns, color choices and skilled craftsmanship. Three digital created patterns - Amelie, Alba and Onde will be part of this collection. Amelie and Alba were created in 2006 while Onde is based on the designs for a scarf published in 1969. The collection will also include three handmade decorative mosaic panels using the traditional opus tessellatum technique. Each panel will be based on a historical print of the maison Emilio Pucci: Collane {1971}, Fontana {1968} and Vivara {1976}. These beautiful mosaic panels were designed with the intention of decorating a variety of interiors. The two Italian brands showcased the collection at Salone del Mobile di Milano