Modern British Style

The Ham Yard hotel which opened in June is the most decadent candy to ones eye. This £90 million, three-quarter acre project which rests behind Picadilly Circcus is Kit and Tim Kemp's latest addition to the Firmdale Hotel Group's portfolio. Located perfectly between Mayfair and Soho this property has 91 individually designed rooms and suites. Kit Kemp designed the interiors herself blending patterns and textures to perfection. There must be a method to how and where each pattern is placed within a room. It's like a math equation. When I was about 21 years old a girlfriend and I went to London and stayed at the Knightsbridge  Hotel. The rooms were so lovely and the service was incredible. I expect the Ham Yard to be just that. 

A Refining Vision

Isoline Blanket 

Isoline Wrap Cardigan 

Carrying Case 

Emily Diamandis who is head of sweaters at rag and bone launched Tabula Rasa in 2013. Diamandis combined her extensive knit expertise, love of interior spaces, travel, and found objects to create Tabula Rasa. "No place should be a barrier to style, and you should never travel without yourself." Which design would you choose for your home or around your shoulders at Coachella?