And The Storm Came In...

Last week I had the opportunity to travel and stay at Banyan Tree Mayakoba. These photos are minutes before the storm came in. After working with so many different Banyan Tree properties around the world it was a delight to finally get to stay at one. The Banyan Tree itself is located in the square at the bottom left.  I have so much more to share with you, but I caught a little bug on my way back and trying to recover. Stay tuned for more pics, more stories and more patterns. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Confetti and Champagne

Photo by Kari Lipschutz

Confetti on the cobblestones in Oxford. It's tradition at Oxford to meet your friends outside of their final exam and cover them in champagne and confetti. My very dear cousin whom is living in London shared this photo and info. This is news to me, but perhaps that's because I went to art school. One would think this kind of a tradition would take place or something more obnoxious at that.  The Oxford tradition is highly recommended.