Artist Spotlight: Tran Nguyen

 Imagine FX

 The Ways of Walls and Words 

Tran Nguyen was born in Vietnam, but raised in the United States and graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. She works with color pencil and thin glazes of acrylic on paper. Nguyen is fascinated with creating visuals that can be used as a psycho-therapeutic support vehicle, exploring the mind's landscape. The colors and textures she creates is beautiful, soft and calming. Some of my favorites are above. They have a classic yet modern feel which, especially the first one. 

Its Been Awhile...

It sure has been awhile since I've posted anything. Things have been absolutely nuts between my professional and personal life. More freelance projects than I could imagine, photo shoots, planning a destination wedding for a girlfriend (now in Costa Rica) and traveling. Coming home one long day after another, left me feeling as though I wanted to crawl and hide under a pillow. Constantly on the go can be fun for awhile (at least for me), but you really do need a balance in life. Or a time-out occasionally. I noticed that there are certain things in life that are must in our daily routines. No matter how busy we are they should not be missed or forgotten. At the end of the day things at the office can wait, life will go on if that email is not sent out. Leaving a little to make that yoga class or meeting a friend to catch a movie help keep that balance. After not posting for who knows how long got me thinking about this topic and how posting regularly helps me feel balanced. Even though I stare at a computer screen all day long, PC is my sanctuary and my space to say and display whatever I want. A very valuable tool. These two prints by Danny Ivan (via Society6) represent exactly how life has been for the last two months; chaotic, exhausting, life changing and exciting. The colorful aspect is a reminder that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Welcome back to me and have a wonderful weekend. See you tomorrow! 

Artist Spotlight: Pamela Staker

Repurposed Failure No. 13

Abstract Study (Road Trip No. 2)

Abstract Study (Purple Pattern)

Chicago based artist Pamela Staker has a fondness for color, shapes and mark making. These pieces are from her Pattern/Geometric Abstraction collection, all of which are experimental studies. Staker works with materials such as vinyl wall coverings, duct tape, acrylic, charcoal and more. The textures that are formed from the various materials is the most pleasing. Check out more of Staker's work and upcoming shows here

Artist Spotlight: Raquel Echanique

“Nebula, The Sugar Powdered Princess”. 18 by 14 inches.


“Aquila” Watercolor on canvas. 14 by 18 inches.

Raquel Echanique was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and currently lives in New York. Her work has been on display in galleries worldwide. Echanique has said of her work, " My portraits are stirred up by swirls that pull, twine, divide and modify anatomy in different directions, resulting in a sight of hypnotic relaxation." The detail and carful use of color and patterns is beautiful. Her entrancing murals can been found on the streets of New York. To see more of her work visit her Tumblr page

Artist Spotlight: Erin Morrison

Ikat Studies, 2013 

After surfing the web this weekend I came across the work of Erin Morrison. She was born in Arkansas and got her masters at UCLA. Morrison's work varies from sculptural pieces, relief paintings and stencil drawings. I personally love the her ikat study from 2013. They are a series of etchings created under the guidance of master painter, Jacob Samuel. Morrison got her MFA at UCLA and BFA from Memphis College of Art. 

Surface Design

Kelly Ventura is a freelance surface designer living in Michigan. Her work plays beautifully with different colors, shapes and textures. I've come to appreciate good hand drawn patterns when they are versatile in what can be done with them. Ventura's work could be used on stationary, fabrics for the home, clothing, etc. My mind is running with ideas and thought of creating my own patterns. I mean for someone that loves patterns why not give it a go. If anyone has suggestions on the best process to create patterns I'd love to hear. It's crazy to think that in all four years of attending art school I never took a surface design class. Thank you to Design Sponge for the introduction. TGIF!

 {All images belong to Kelly Ventura}