Artist Spotlight: Gray Malin

I am so excited about today's artist spotlight. Feel a little embarrassed it has taken me this long to post about photographer Gray Malin.  Malin's work is fantastic, fun and colorful even when black and white. I greatly appreciate his attention to detail and the way his fills the frame. The work above is from A Timeless Pursuit  that was photographed in 2008-2011. Working with an Oscar de la Renta dress from the 60's Malin traveled the streets of Los Angeles, New York City, and Paris. The use of black and white for this series sets the tone and notice you are never able to see her face.  In La Dolce Vita, I can hear the people pictured on the beach, the waves crashing. A successful piece of art is one that allows you to be transported to a location, era or whatever it maybe. Gray Malin is a success!